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You can always send me an email describing your problem.
I respond as quickly as possible and together we will find a time for conversation.
My email is:
You can also send an SMS or call me by phone:
+45 2751 1880

You can best reach me via email all days of the week.

The actual conversation takes place in Østerbro:
Ringstedgade 6A (HEALTH on the door phone), Østerbro.
or Faksegade 10, Østerbro.

Or with you (see price).

Thanks for your submission!

Kontakt / Priser: Contact


(and that in small print!)


Individual interview:
Talk therapy in my clinic in Copenhagen (55 min.) 750, -

Conversation with you (60 min.) In Greater Copenhagen 750, -

Conversation with you (60 min.) Zealand, Lolland, Falster and Møn 1150, -

Conversation with you (90 min.) Funen, Langeland and Jutland 2850, -

Party therapy:
Talk therapy only in my clinic in Copenhagen (60 min.) 1250, -


We can also arrange a conversation via skype or phone.
Skype / phone call (paid before the call begins):

Skype / phone (30 min.) 300, -
Skype / phone (60 min.) 530, -



Intuitive massage, sports massage, wellness massage, or a combination of them all.

Massage with me on a couch (55 min.) 500, -

Massage with you (60 min.) In Greater Copenhagen 750, -

Lectures, teaching and other forms of counseling are agreed individually.


You can pay in cash or via MobilePay at: 27511880


Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours before the agreed time. In case of later cancellation or
absence, the session will be charged).

Kontakt / Priser: Tekst
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