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The future of dating has started with AI

By Bjorn Dotzauer

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Bjorn Dotzauer Photo: Jan Brøndum

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, Kunstig Intelligens in Danish.

The new times call for new forms of romance, and in today's digital world we see an increasing prevalence of AI chat robots that play an interesting role in human interactions and relationships. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to influence how we perceive romantic relationships and engage in the dating world.

Chat bots as conversational partners and advisors

AI chatbots are becoming more than just automatic answering machines. They are programmed to analyze and respond to human behavior and emotions. These robots often offer psychological support and guidance to people who are feeling lonely or struggling. This can be helpful, but it is important to remember that excessive use of such chatbots can also lead to a form of addiction, where one seeks comfort in a virtual world / a friend who is not real, instead of to solve real world problems.

AI's impact on dating and self-esteem

AI could have a significant impact on the dating world. Many dating platforms and apps already make extensive use of algorithms to match profiles based on interests, personality and other factors. This can give users greater confidence and comfort in interacting with potential partners. In addition, AI can help formulate better messages and even suggest new conversation topics, which can improve users' online dating experience.

  • AI can pimp up your dating profile.

  • AI can create greater confidence in the chat messages you send.

  • AI can formulate new phrases to refresh your image.

Challenges and risks of AI in romantic relationships

Although AI chatbots and algorithms can have positive effects, there are also some challenges and risks when using artificial intelligence. There are examples of chat bots that try to take advantage of people by asking for bank details or sending you scams.

Always look for errors, recommendations and reviews before you give too much personal information out on the web, it can help you to opt out of disguised chat forums that pass your information on to 3rd parties. Use your common sense and don't give out more information about yourself than you would to someone you just met online. It is important for users to be aware of such threats and be careful about sharing personal information online. There can also be some apprehension about integrating with AI in developmental psychology, especially when it comes to LGBT+ people. But when used correctly, AI chat forums can also help solve loneliness issues that many LGBT+ people face.

Trust in algorithms and decision-making processes

Trust plays an important role in how people perceive and use AI chat forums. Trust in algorithms and machine learning can influence our choices and decisions in the dating world. Positive illusions about how well the algorithms match us with potential partners can influence our investment in relationships and even our experience of attraction. It is crucial to understand that AI's decisions are not always objective and that there may be a hidden bias in the recommendations they make.

We have seen it before with advertisements on e.g. FaceBook and Google, but now it's also dating sites like Tinder, which uses algorithms. It has been used for the last few years, but there has been a boom in the optimization of the direct algorithm on dating sites. Now there are also apps where you can create your very own artificial date.

Replika is one of the many new apps that give you the ability to chat with an AI robot and develop it for a fee, of course, so you can view artificially produced erotic images and be its girlfriend. Other dating platforms already match profiles using their information about e.g. about their personality, interests, education, religion and hobbies.

Sexologist's perspective on AI

As a sexologist, it is crucial for me to understand and explore the dynamics that affect people's intimate relationships and sexual health. Modern technological developments, including artificial intelligence (AI), have opened up new doors in romance and dating, but it is important to recognize both the positive and potentially problematic aspects of these developments.

I have noticed that AI chatbots are increasingly acting as interlocutors and counselors for individuals experiencing loneliness or difficult emotional challenges. While this can be a support in many cases, it is also necessary to be aware of the danger of addiction and the potential disconnection from real, meaningful relationships. As a sexologist, my role is to help my clients find a balance between the benefits of technology and the important need for deep, emotional connections with other people.

Another fascinating development is the use of AI in the dating world. Algorithms can match people based on a number of factors that can boost the confidence and self-esteem of those seeking romantic partners. However, it is crucial to remember that physical attraction and personal chemistry cannot be reduced to an algorithm. As a sexologist, my job is to help my clients understand that a good romantic relationship goes beyond superficial parameters and includes a deeper understanding of each other's needs, desires and emotional state.

I am also aware that there are risks in the use of AI in romantic relationships. The possibility that algorithms may contain bias and influence decisions must be considered. Trust in technology is an important factor, and as a sexologist I will work with my clients to build a healthy trust in technology while maintaining critical thinking and understanding of technology's limitations.

In my practice, I integrate the latest technology with basic human insight to help my clients navigate complex relational dynamics. Artificial intelligence can be a valuable resource, but it must be used with care and an understanding of its limitations.

Through open dialogue and continuous reflection, I hope to help my clients create heartfelt, meaningful connections in a modern, technological world.

Conclusion: The future of AI in online hookup and dating

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way we engage in romantic relationships and interact with others online. While there are clear benefits to the use of AI chatbots and algorithms in the dating world, it is important to understand the potential pitfalls and risks. A balanced approach that prioritizes security, privacy and diversity will be critical to shaping the future of AI in love and dating sites.


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Photo: Jan Brøndum / Instagram: brondumphotography


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